Aslan’s Country


So it’s finals week and we all know what that means; procrastination has once again become my best friend. This particular bout of procrastination has left me watching mystical movies full of fantasy and wonder. The best thing I’ve done so far? Watch one of my favorite movies, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Such a beautiful movie. Along with some serious adventure, there is very real toil and temptation, victory and triumph, and the always welcome presence of Aslan, whom I would just like to ride every time I see him.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 60 years, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the third published book from  the critically acclaimed series The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (read them, you won’t be disappointed, I swear). In short, Aslan represents God and is portrayed in the form of a mighty lion who rules over the mythical land of Narnia. (I met a child named Aslan once. I’ve never wanted to babysit anyone more than that kid in my entire life). I know, if you don’t know about it, this story sounds ridiculous, but it’s one of the greatest stories I have ever read.

Getting to the point of this post, there is a particular scene at the end of the movie that just moves me to tears. And yes, I will spoil the ending for you, so here is your alert *read ahead at your own risk*.

The whole movie, there is talk of “Aslan’s Country.” It lies at the end of the world, the farthest East that you can travel and is said to reside behind the place where “the water meets the sky.” The cusp of the Earth, if you can imagine.  In the movie, it is not shown, but lies behind a great wall of majestic ocean water, as seen in the photo above. It is an obvious analogy for Heaven, just as Aslan is an analogy to Christ.

As the characters meet with Aslan, just outside of his country, it is revealed that three of the characters, Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace, will not be entering Aslan’s Country just yet or returning to Narnia, and will never see Aslan again in their lifetimes. As they leave, Edmund bows before Aslan, and that’s when the water-works start for me. The only thing that I can think of when I was watching the film was, “I want to bow before the Lord at the edge of his everlasting kingdom!” Sappy, right? But still, the deepest desire of my little heart.

I think the real reason that this movie gets me at the end is because throughout the duration of the movie, I think that this particular facet of the Chronicles hits us right in the humanity. That is to say, we can relate to it most, because a very big motif in the movie is temptation. Characters are tempted by beauty and gold, anger and pride, you name it, it’s  there. So when it does get to the end of the movie, and the characters have overcome their temptations-successfully, might I add-they are able to stand before Aslan, with a sense of dignity, and a moral character that has been proven mighty.

This might sound a little arrogant, I assure you, it is not. The point that I am trying to make is that with the good help of our Lord, we can withstand anything that he will set in front of us. And in the end, we can come before Him, at the threshold of his everlasting country, with a sense of dignity, that only proves to be seriously wane in lieu of the majesty of our Father, God.

As I said before, all I want is the chance to bow in the presence of our Lord. Fully, truly, and completely.

But really though, this post would make much more sense if you would just watch the movies. Scratch that. Read the books, they’re minuscule, and you could most likely read the book in the same amount of time it takes you to watch the movie. Or better yet, do both, because this story is one that should be known.

“But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.”

– Aslan

In Christ and Mary,

Kate ❤


The Spirit of Giving

Being very involved as a sophomore in my campus ministry means many things: I am not the youngest anymore, I have to adjust to the idea of change, I must grow in my outreach, ect. But combining those three especially, and wanting to actively participate and grow in them, my campus ministry has invited me to join what is called the F.A.T. program for sophomores.

It stands for Faithful, Available, and Teachable. It is basically a program designed to have those involved grow in their ministry outreach, particularly towards the freshman of the community to make sure they feel welcomed. There is also a weekly small group meeting (we have 3 different small groups) and requirements of reading the New Testament daily, memorizing a verse from scripture every week, and attending the weekly Spirit Night and a weekly bible study. Spitting out all of the requirements right now make the program seem tough and inflexible, but in reality, it probably only takes up less than 10 hours of my week (and that includes weekends).

Joining F.A.T. was a decision that everybody in the program made individually, and of their own free will. The requirements were laid out in front of all of us, and we all decided to give it our best shot. In saying that, towards the end of the first month of the program was when it started to get really hard for me. I was seeing my sisters in Christ, particularly the ones from my small group, not fulfilling their F.A.T. duties, and it made me upset, because I felt like me and handful of people were the only ones really trying in the program.

I came with the mentality that, they knew what they signed up for, so why are they not doing what they are supposed to be doing? This program is also supposed to allow us to grow closer to the women in our small group, and because I didn’t feel like they were putting forth enough effort, I didn’t feel as if I was growing in friendship with them. This lead me to believe that I could not call them out on their actions without coming off as haughty or arrogant. I really wanted to encourage them to involve themselves more fully in the program, but I was angry because I did not feel as if I could do that.

Brother Clinton (a religious brother from the order of The Brotherhood of Hope – look them up, they’re amazing!) is in charge of the F.A.T. program and I brought the way that I was feeling about my fellow “FATties” to his attention. In response to my, for lack of a better word, complaints, he told me several things, but the thing that effected me the most, was to read Luke 10.

At the end of Luke, chapter 10, the Word tells us the story of Martha and Mary. What a great story, Jesus has travelled and come to the house of a woman named Martha, who had a sister named Mary. While Martha was busy cleaning and preparing and taking care of her house guests, Mary was sitting at the foot of the Lord, listening to his word. Martha becomes frustrated and then:

“Martha, burdened with much serving, came to him and said, ‘Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me by myself to do the serving? Tell her to help me.’ The Lord said to her in reply, ‘Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.'” -Luke 10:40-42

In the moment of reading this story, I came to an understanding about myself; I was acting as Martha was. I was frustrated and felt like I was left with the all of the burden of servicing and I desperately wanted my fellow FATties help, but they weren’t helping.

In saying that I was acting as Martha was, that does not mean that my sisters were necessarily acting as Mary was, however, the could have been. The reality of the situation is that I didn’t know what was preventing them from fulfilling their F.A.T. duties, and it could have been something that was leading them, individually, closer to our Lord.

The phrase “…it will not be taken from her.” really stood out to me because regardless of if they were doing something to grow in holiness or not, my sisters had made their decision of where their presence was required most. They made that decision and that should not be taken from them. If it was taken, it would totally defeat the purpose of free will.

Let me be clear, that in being frustrated with them is a personal problem that I am working on, and I want it in no way to reflect a negative image upon these women. I do love them, and we are all busy, and we all fall short sometimes, myself included. I’m not writing this in order to tarnish their reputations, but rather to understand my own ability to grow in the situation that has been given to me.

In saying that, this situation has definitely prompted me to do more in my community, not because I would be “picking up their slack” but rather because I know now that I am needed, and even wanted by this community. I’ve looked at this situation as an opportunity to grow in the Spirit of Giving, and especially giving without complaint (which will take longer than one month, I know…). But hey, what can I say? I’m a work in progress.

In Christ and Mary

Kate ❤

John 3:34

Back again, I know it’s been a while, but coming off four 30-36 hour work weeks has not exactly given me very much free time, especially with it being the first month of the semester. But those days are over for a while, and I’m finally getting to sit down and write about what has been happening in my life.

Over the summer months it is always the hardest for me to keep up in my faith. Whether it is because I have less of a community, or make up stupid excuses as to why I didn’t go to Mass, the summer months are always harder on me in my spiritual life.

It’s always nice to get back and try to renew my spiritual life, and this year I have multiple outlets for that. I am a part of a small women’s group in my Catholic Community (there are 9 of us and that includes our fearless leader, who I absolutely love), that is helping to point me in the right direction. Or so I thought.

Working for so much for the month of September took me away from the Catholic Student Union quite a bit this month. I would work all day Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and not have time to finish my homework, causing me to miss Spirit Nights on Wednesday evening. It was truly upsetting. I wanted to be there so bad, but I had to finish my homework, because one of my vocations right now is to be a “prudent student” whether I like that or not.

When I got the chance to sit down with my Spiritual Adviser last week, I was trying to explain to him what I was feeling. I came to him with the conclusion that I don’t feel like I am being stretched and growing in my faith. Not to say that not growing isn’t a bad thing, sometimes we need a breather to sit and behold the Lord for what His is and the awesome things he has done in our lives. The scary part for me, was that I had no idea why I wasn’t growing.

I came to the conclusion that I was stagnant in my spiritual life. Typically people take the idea that if you’re not moving forward in your spiritual life, you’re moving backwards. That our spiritual life is a constant battle and a daily decision. I agree whole-heartedly.

What made me even more afraid, is that because I thought that I was stagnant, I couldn’t see where in my life I was moving backwards. I didn’t recognize a problem that needed fixing, and I couldn’t act on that problem. It’s one thing if you can see a problem and choose to ignore it, but it’s an entirely different thing to not know what the problem is, only that you have one, because we cannot readily identify how to go about fixing it.

My prayer life has never been a good one. As most people can identify with, I’ve had my highs (usually retreat-induced) and my lows (no prayer whatsoever, at all). But it was the advice, really the instruction, of my Spiritual Adviser of a constant prayer. He told me to set an alarm on my phone every 2-3 hours to remind me to pray.

It hasn’t even been a week, but I already see a difference in how I am responding to the Lord’s grace, love, and wisdom in my life.

What has really struck me is that I have been inspired to readily read scripture on my own. I am a part of a weekly bible study, and we are going through the Gospel of John (AMAZING, by the way). I find that I have to read ahead and indulge in this book of the living word of God, not only because I should, but because I want to get to know Christ better. I want to understand more about the person that loves me the most, and the person that I call my true love.

I have very few verses that I keep so close to my heart; Isaiah 43:4, John 10:11, Luke 1:46-47 are a few. But I now have a new one to add to the steadily growing list. In reading ahead, I came across this true verse of awe: “He does not ration the gift of the Spirit.” – John 3:34.

In this ever so little piece of the Lord’s infinite and glorious wisdom, for a moment, I understood.

Christ does not know how to give in proportion. He doesn’t know how to give only a little. That act would contradict who he is and his everlasting love. This verse, for me, put into words what I already knew, but was turned away from.

In my, what seemed to be, stagnancy, I was really turned away from the Lord’s grace and love. Not necessarily due to mortal sin, but due to my sin of complacency and apathy for the Lord and his love. Once I started to make an effort to turn around and at least try to be receptive to Him, is when he opened up so many opportunities for me to know him and receive his love more fully.

Obviously I’m not done. Like I said, it’s been less than a week that this has been revealed to me, even more so, I have my whole life ahead of me to grow in my faith. What I do know, is that if you put forth the honest effort to strive towards the Lord, he will recognize that, and help you along the way to knowing his greatness.

What a great life to have ahead of me; and strive towards the Lord I will.

“There is almost a wastefulness when God made the loaves and fish to feed everyone (it’s also seen at the wedding at Cana). God doesn’t calculate his giving, he can only give all and give it abundantly.”

– Father Chris Winkeljohn

In Christ and Mary,

Kate ❤

Only Fooling Myself

Now I admit, I’m not boy crazy; ask anyone. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have feeling for certain men that come and go in my life. It just means that I don’t fall all over every man that gives me attention. I’m also not a proud person, but I am happy that I don’t act that way. It’s honestly a pet peeve of mine to see other girls go in and out of feelings for so many men within a certain period of time. I just want to shout to them, “SETTLE DOWN. Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to find a husband by the time you graduate. Diamond Degree’s don’t get most people very far.”

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings for someone right now; I would also be lying if I told you that I want to feel this way. The truth could not be more opposite. I don’t want to have feelings for this kid, I don’t. But I do.

I should give a background story.

So I meet this kid, and we become friends (we’ve now been friends for about a year). After a while he just spills his whole life story to me, and honestly, when it happened it didn’t phase me because I know I’m a very easy person to talk to and trust. Usually that is a good thing and I don’t mind that I give off that composure, but after he kept telling me everything going on in his life, I started to develop feelings for him. And I know, these feelings aren’t bad. What is bad, is the jealousy that arose from him telling me about his different trials and failures with other women throughout the year.

It really bothered me that he would try and start a relationship with several other women when there was one who knew more about him than two of his three roommates right in front of him who still loved him for who he was [is]. And that’s completely true. I would never want to change him, that would defeat the purpose of having feelings for him.

In the midst of all of this, I have a great guy friend who knows all about the situation. I’m super blessed to have him in my life, because since I’m usually the one people come to for advice, I never go to anyone else but myself. That being stated, it’s really hard for me to hear advice from someone other than myself and to have confidence come from another person. Even harder is for me to hear my own words used against me, and he does that abundantly. I hate it, but like I said, I’m so glad he uses my own words and advice against me.

He began asking me why I’m trying to force this relationship. I responded that I wasn’t, to which he boldly told me, “A relationship always happens when you’re not looking for it.” While I completely agreed with him and like to say that I’m “not looking for a relationship right now,” I must admit that even though my pursuit of this relationship is not active, I am still looking for it, but in a passive way.

I might not be trying to make this boy that I like jealous by going out with a bunch of different guys in front of him, I might not be a huge flirt with him, and I’m definitely not directly stating my feelings to him point blank, but as I take a step back and assess the situation, I am trying to kick-start him having feelings for me. Here and there I’ve been trying to make little changes about my personality so that he might become a little more interested in me: Listing to country music more, tolerating little things that I usually wouldn’t be okay with; I was trying to morph myself into the perfect woman for him. The most disappointing part is that it didn’t really seem to be getting me anywhere.

And those aren’t the only things wrong with the way that I was thinking. This guy I like is a little bit of a partier and that doesn’t bother me at all, but I’m not 21, and I can’t drink or party as freely as he does. That doesn’t bother me either, but after a while I had this feeling that “maybe he didn’t like me because he thinks that I can’t keep up with his lifestyle.” As I was trying to rationalize this in my head, the real concern that formed in my mind was, “What if he thinks I’m too holy to date?”

After I asked myself that question, I was immediately disgusted with myself. Me, the woman who rejoices in knowing that she is Christ’s, and proud to know that she is independent and doesn’t need to change for anyone, especially a man, is trying to cheapen herself? I hate it when girls play stupid to get a guy, and to be quite honest, what I was doing was so much worse than any act of idiocy.

My great guy friend then suggested, “Why don’t you work on your relationship with God?” And I just thought that was about the stupidest question on the face of the planet because I’d like to think I have a good relationship with God, and I know I do. I told him he was missing the point and he asked, “Really? How is your relationship with God?” I told him it was fine, great actually to which he responded with a finger pointed at me and a shout of, “Wrong. Everybody’s relationship with God could use some work.”

He truly left me dumbstruck (which almost never happens). I couldn’t even be mad because of the severity of his accuracy. While my relationship with God is strong and fruitful, that is in no way, shape, or form an excuse for me to not work harder at it.

I honestly have no clue what is going to happen between me and this boy in the future, and while I would like to know, I’m not going to become hung up on it like I admit that I have been recently. I finally realized that I just need to talk a deep breath, and continue on my walk with God and to let him help me become who I am and was meant to be. And then, everything else will just fall into place, as long as I trust Him. I know it.

Holiness is not something that I want to have less of, in any circumstance, and now that I realize that, it’s time to start running back to the Church, as hard and as fast as I can. I’m not saying that I was ever away, but I just need to re-focus, and re-realize God’s love for me, before I can ever realize the love of a mortal man for the first time. I am ready to become the strong woman that I was meant to be.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come. She opens her mouth in wisdom, and on her tongue is kindly counsel. She watches the conduct of her household, and eats not her food in idleness. Her children rise up and praise her; her husband, too, extols her: ‘Many are the women of proven worth, but you have excelled them all.’ Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting; the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Give her a reward of her labors, and let her works praise her at the city gates.”

-Proverbs: 31:25-31 NAB

In Christ and Mary,

Kate ❤

I thought I would be good at this…

I really tried for a little bit to keep posting to this journal. However, the normal chaotic life of a crazy, college student ensued; thereby preventing me from keeping my promise. Ah well, life goes on.

I’ve decided to begin totally anew, even switching blog-sites. I used to have all of these posts stored on LiveJournal, but I decided to switch over to Word Press. A change of scenery, so to say. Since my hibernation from blogging, I have successfully completed my freshman year at The Florida State University! Go ‘Noles! 🙂 I have turned another year older, 19 to be exact. And I signed a lease for an apartment starting in August. I will be moving in with my 2 best friends and have never been more excited for the future.

God has done some seriously amazing things in my life since my last post as well. On our annual Spring Retreat [Leaders: Led by the Fire, based on the writings of St. Peter] I was asked to serve on Retreat Team, I have become a Lector for the Church, and I even got to give a talk at our weekly summer Spirit Nights about Genesis chapter 11 (The story of the Tower of Babel).

I find myself constantly renewing my promises to commit to these types of things, something that actually requires effort that has no foreseeable end in sight, such as this blog. I find it comforting in a way, no matter what happens even if you slack off, you can always have a new start, no matter the circumstance. I very much look forward to sharing more of my experiences (past and future) on this journal as I have promised once before. It’s exciting, a new beginning of something unfinished, is it not?

In Christ and Mary,
Kate ❤

What Do You Really Want?

I got the text from an inspirational video of sorts and changed it up a bit. I think it turned out quite nice…

Weather or not you like this thing, you’ve got to decide how you’re going to walk out of here when it’s all said and done. Because the game of life is going to go on. And there’s only one rule that you’re going to need to know about. There are no second chances. There is only this moment, and the next moment. Every one of those moments is a test; that you get to take one time. And only one time. So if you see an opening, tear into it. If you get a shot at victory, make damn sure you take it. Seize that moment. That moment is a crossroads, where everything you want will collide with everything standing in your way. You’ve got momentum at your back. Fear and doubt are thundering like a freight train straight at you. And all you got, the only difference between making history and being history, the only thing, the only thing, you can count on at any given moment is God. It’s God versus them. God versus no. God versus can’t. God versus next year, last year, excuses. It’s God versus your history. God versus the odds. It’s God versus sin. The clock is ticking. Let’s see what you want.

“For whoever is begotten by God conquers the world. And the victory that conquers the world is our faith. Who [indeed] is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” – 1 John 5:4-5

In Christ and Mary,
Kate ❤

Denomination Troubles

Well, I guess the one thing that I don’t understand at this point is why I am so strong in my faith as a Catholic (strong enough to know that I will never be anything else), and other people aren’t as strong in other Christian denominations.

Like, I have a friend who I’ve been talking about Catholicism and Christianity in general with, and he tells me that it doesn’t really matter what denomination he is, as long as it’s Christian. Why don’t I feel that way? Granted, I’m glad I don’t feel that way; but what about the Catholic Church makes me feel so secure in it?

You know it’s funny because I ask a lot of questions that I already know the answers to. The answer to the previous question is the Eucharist. The Eucharist has given me such a deep connection with Christ, it’s extremely hard to explain it in mere words.

But seriously, how can he be so lenient in what he believes? How can he say that he’d be willing to change denominations? I just don’t understand it. The views of you religion can just change overnight? I mean, I’m sure that isn’t what he meant, but quite honestly to me, that’s what it sounded like.

Also, what if another church of the same denomination doesn’t believe the same things that you do? What if you find your “new church” and you don’t agree with it? Are you still the same denomination? Or would you change your denomination because you don’t agree with it anymore?

I guess I’m just confused as to why someone would be so willing to change their denomination on what seems like a whim…

I am going to be Catholic the rest of my life. I want a Catholic husband (however, beggars can’t be choosers – I’d rather marry on on-fire Baptist than a luke-warm Catholic), and I’ll make damn sure my kids are raised Catholic (my husband knowing this before we decide to get married…).

Being Catholic has effected me in such a way that I can’t convince myself that “any other Christian denomination” would suit me fine too. It wouldn’t.

As I post this, the person I’m talking about is probably reading away, and he knows who he is… In any case, I know talking to him more about these kinds of things will only have one effect on me: It’s going to make me a stronger Catholic, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

In Christ and Mary,
Kate ❤