I thought I would be good at this…

I really tried for a little bit to keep posting to this journal. However, the normal chaotic life of a crazy, college student ensued; thereby preventing me from keeping my promise. Ah well, life goes on.

I’ve decided to begin totally anew, even switching blog-sites. I used to have all of these posts stored on LiveJournal, but I decided to switch over to Word Press. A change of scenery, so to say. Since my hibernation from blogging, I have successfully completed my freshman year at The Florida State University! Go ‘Noles! 🙂 I have turned another year older, 19 to be exact. And I signed a lease for an apartment starting in August. I will be moving in with my 2 best friends and have never been more excited for the future.

God has done some seriously amazing things in my life since my last post as well. On our annual Spring Retreat [Leaders: Led by the Fire, based on the writings of St. Peter] I was asked to serve on Retreat Team, I have become a Lector for the Church, and I even got to give a talk at our weekly summer Spirit Nights about Genesis chapter 11 (The story of the Tower of Babel).

I find myself constantly renewing my promises to commit to these types of things, something that actually requires effort that has no foreseeable end in sight, such as this blog. I find it comforting in a way, no matter what happens even if you slack off, you can always have a new start, no matter the circumstance. I very much look forward to sharing more of my experiences (past and future) on this journal as I have promised once before. It’s exciting, a new beginning of something unfinished, is it not?

In Christ and Mary,
Kate ❤